Mextwizx the Daughter of the Traveler

Race: Tiefling (goblin)

Gender: Female

Age: 74

Class: Oracle/Rogue

Bio: In the Lower Dura section of Sharn, in the district of Malleon's Gate, a child was born. A seemingly unremarkable event, as many children were born daily in the goblinoid slums. The child was born to goblin parents who had prayed and sacrificed greatly to their mysterious god for a blessing upon their child-to-be. Mextwizx appeared to be an average goblin daughter, but her parents were reassured of the Traveler's blessing when they were visited by a goblin spinster. The crone said that her sister had foreseen great things in Mextwizx's future, and the seamstress had arrived to tutor the young girl at the loom. In truth, the tailor was the enigmatic witch Sora Katra, who had indeed deciphered her sister's ramblings to believe that the child could be a tool of great leverage in the coming years. Katra cared not for the devotion of the child's parents to their god, but used their beliefs to her advantage, reciting old cants and stories of the Traveler to add weight to her cause.

Mextwizx grew as most other goblin children in Sharn, taking what she could from those few less fortunate than herself. The youth bounced from petty gang to gang, banding with other young criminals until some mishap or run-in with the law broke their fragile alliance. Mextwizx looked forward to the infrequent visits from her auntie, and the garments she and her patron weaved always fetched a nice sum of coin from markets of higher districts. During her lessons, Auntie also taught Mextwizx how to spin spellwork as well, urging the child's natural gifts.

Her parents tutored the girl in the lore of her people, tales of goblins living all across the and, and once ruling it, as well as encouraging the girl to pay proper lip service to the Traveler, that hidden puppeteer who pulled the threads of fate itself, which the girl thought was not unlike her own dear Auntie.

Edicts of the Traveler hold that all changes have something to teach. When the thief came home to find her parents the victims of a robbery by daggerpoint by a deranged hobgoblin transient, she learned how revenge can change you in ways unknown. Before the attacker could add a third victim to his tally for the evening, Mextwizx called upon the power of change that Auntie had taught her to harness, reaching out and touching the doorframe to her home. Time wracked the foundation in ways unnatural, aging the stone far beyond the normal. A small change, but one that brought the unstable weight of homes stacked on homes bearing down on the cracked stones. The assailant was buried with her parents immediately, as well as families in seven other hovels along the alleyway. Mextwizx fled the scene and spent the next several years jumping from various criminal hideouts in Lower Dura.

Despite the smoke and stench of the district, Mextwizx grew from a wayward street-rat into a lovely young woman. As the girl grew, so did her crimes, and her natural talents and predisposition for knowing what to expect around any corner helped her to become a petty crime lord in her own right. She maintained alliances with some of the larger guilds and gangs, and her bases were open to any lost goblins that showed potential. The grasp of time seemed to have little effect on the her, and she watched several of her childhood rivals and fellow gang-members pass from their prime into adulthood with her remaining unchanged.

Although her hideouts remained secret, Mextwizx was surprised to find a familiar figure waiting in her home for her on one fateful evening. Auntie looked over the goblin as a crafter might examine a gem, noting any flaws and perfections with a keen eye. Auntie offered Mextwizx an opportunity, to join into a society of like-minded criminals under a new banner, a gang called Daask. Seeking approval of the only remaining parent figure she knew, Mextwizx agreed, and the thief suddenly found herself thrust into a whole new world of high end crimes. She found allies in other chapterhouses hidden throughout the various districts and levels of the City of Towers, most members belonging to the races the humans called monstrous.

All the while Mextwizx kept her ears open to gossip about goblinoid relics or any trinkets pertaining to the magic or legend of the Traveler, taking jobs involving those items or individuals that kept them above all others. Soon the minor crime boss had earned herself the title the Daughter of the Traveler. For over half of the Last War that wracked the Five Nations, Mextwizx continued her lifestyle of crime within the City of Towers and beyond. When the fabeled Daughters of Sora Kell carved Droaam from the hinterlands of Breland, Mextwizx was offered a position by her Daask superiors to move into the newly founded city of Graywall. Excited for the chance to see other parts of the world, and to grow her repertoire of Dhakaani knowledge, Mextwizx eagerly agreed, settling down in a posh flat in Little Graywall. With a new city came a new cloak of anonymity, and many residents and travelers became victims to her clever thefts.

In 998, Mextwizx was given a new task handed to her directly by the Daughters of Sora Kell in person. The suspicion that her dear Auntie was something more was finally confirmed when Sora Katra revealed her true nature to her loyal subject. The task was, with an escort of ogres, to deliver a letter to a certain dragonmarked individual back in Sharn, a playboy from Karrnath who was living the life of a prince-in-exile, enjoying the fruits of the City of Towers and avoiding familial obligations. So Mextwixz left letter and ogre with the Deneith heir and made her own way swiftly back to the her home.

As the threads of fate would have it, Mextwixz would end up falling for one of the Deneith's associates, a goblin traveling under the guise of a merchant, hailing from the land of their forebears. At first Mextwixz thought the goblin would be an easy mark, his outlandish ways setting him apart from the Droaamish goblins, but when she discovered that he bent his knee to her god, the goblin went from a target of crime to a new plaything, a recipient of cat-and-mouse to distract Mextwizx from the doll-drum of daily life in the city. Her mark was clever, however, and Mextwizx did not expect herself to fall for the secretly pious goblin traveler.

After completing the task he was hired to do, the goblin named Raxys parted ways with his associates, and for the next year Mextwizx showed him the thrills of crime in Graywall, making their small fortunes and spending them just as swiftly. During a rather risky heist in a noble's manor in the Kennels, Raxys was plucked by magic from the scene. Mextwizx barely escaped herself without being caught, and learned by means of a magical coin she had given Raxys, that Sora Katra had a new task for her paramour. Raxys was stolen from the Traveler's Daughter before she was able to let him know that she was with child… As often as she could, Mextwizx listened in on the conversation of her lover and his refound companions. She listened as they faced peril after peril, and was bemused by the gritty facade of uncaring slowly falling away as Raxys found friendship in his allies and his caring heart shined through the cracks.

As her belly swelled, the Daughter of the Traveler set things in motion so that her gang could continue on without her, and made plans to (mostly) retire from her life of crime and prepare for the change of motherhood. Mextwizx bore Raxys three sons, and vowed to wait til their father's return for their Naming Day. The joy of motherhood was almost stripped away entirely, after a month of silence from Raxys and his allies, she discovered that the dangers of Xen'drik had become too great and the brave adventurers were slain. Confusion set in when after so long she heard Raxys' voice again, to learn that a strange one-eyed giant had used ancient magics to return life to the group. Every night she allowed her sons to hear the voice of their father, watching with pride as they grew, the blessing of the Traveler quite apparent to her learned eye.

Finally the day arrived when she overheard the plan for the group to return home to Graywall. The Daughter of the Traveler, agent of Daak, student of Katra, paid a heavy toll to book passage to the Great Crag where she demanded an audience of her dear Auntie. Mextwizx asked for one favor, only one favor after decades of her loyal service, the privilege to meet Raxys and his friends upon the Scar River when they finally returned home…

Mextwizx the Daughter of the Traveler

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