Race: Wildhunt shifter

Gender: Male

Age: 40 (deceased)

Class: Warrior

Bio: The shifter called Moonclaw grew up in the region now known as the Eldeen Reaches, in the foothills of the Shadow Crags. In his younger years, Moonclaw and his kin were captured by a roving band of orc cultists who haunted the Shadow Crags.

Moonclaw spent several seasons as prisoner to the orcs and the hideous abomination to which they pledged fealty. Moonclaw's mate was lucky… she was sacrificed to the gibbering entity within the first few weeks of their imprisonment. Moonclaw however, had to face the next several years in torment as he could hear the creature whisper to him at night in her voice. The orcs called it Shum-Goji-Flak or "Many Lullabies." Moonclaw and the other prisoners wer kept in cages close to their unholy mascot so that the constant babbling would keep them disoriented and their wills low.

Moonclaw was saved by a rival troop of orcs and orc-kin- the warriors of the Ghaash'kala, the Ghost Guardians. At the peak of a ritual when many moon were full in the sky and the remaining slaves were to be offered to Shum-Goji-Flak, the proud warriors of the binding flame descended upon the cult, leaving none of the heathens alive. The quivering mass of mouths and eyes called Many Lullabies was torn to pieces by the warriors, and each one took a piece with him to scatter across the lands in sacred, preventing them from ever reuniting.

Moonclaw had forgotten most of his self, and named himself by the tattoos he saw upon his reflections in the water. He fled south, far from the horrors hiding the in the hills, away from the forests and mountains into the marshlands. Here he found refuge among the Singingcloud Clan, where he was offered sanctuary.

Moonclaw served the village for the rest of his days as a simple game hunter and skinner, but on nights when many of Eberron's moons were full in the sky, the shifter could be heard weeping and wailing, though if asked he could not remember why.


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