Race: Coautl

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Class: Unknown

Bio: Jazirian has inhabited the world of Eberron since the Age of Fiends, a timeless creature spawned from the battle between the lords Siberys and Khyber. Jazirian was one of the few of its kind whose life was not sacrificed to bind the rakshasa Overlords and their fiendish armies within the force known as the Silver Flame.

Jazirian has opposed the remaining fiends of Khyber for eons, using its powers to assist mortals worthy enough to be host to its celestial might. In 999 YK, the coautl made contact with the party, and chose Alarin to be its champion, recognizing in the samsaran the light of Siberys. Jazirian gifted Alarin with new powers and abilities to help him conquer the dragon Tharalashk- whose proximity to a portal to the flames of Fernia had slowly corrupted the once noble creature. In channeling Jazirian, Alarin was able to defeat the tainted dragon with the aid of his friends and allies.

Jazirian maintains a connection to Alarin, offering new magical insights through dreams, and ready to lend its aid against the evils of Khyber whenever the young magus may have need.


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