Harridan Kaet

Race: Human

Gender: Female


Class: Witch

Bio: Kaetlynelle Thorn was a beautiful, but absent-minded girl growing up near the shores of Western Breland. She had a natural gift with fortune-telling, and many townsfolk would gather at her cart for harrow readings and glimpses into their future.

Kaet's luck soured when a vision of hers came to fulfillment with the untimely death of a nobleman's sole heir. The noble, a devout follower of the Silver Flame, rallied the villagers against the young clairvoyant, claiming her gifts hid seeds of evil. The love the people once had for Kaet is all that sved her from execution, her punishment instead was exile into the northern monstrous-filled wilds.

Years passed as the augur barely managed to survive in the harsh wilderness, cultivating a knowledge of herbs and remedies, trading curatives and draughts to savage denizens of the land in repeated exchange for sparing her life. Lone travelers Kaet would approach for supplies and news of the outside world, but often they had been warned of "Harridan Kaet" and her interaction with people was minimal.

A woman grown, Kaet had been tempered by her years of scraping by, but was still fiercely beautiful, her natural charm and grace refusing to surrender to the untamed hinterlands. The herbalist's situation changed when she met by happenstance a hobgoblin crone called Sora Esma.

Esma helped her talents grow, offering her new magics to temper and unparalleled knowledge of the local herbs and plant-life. Esma's price for these teachings climbed, and the naive Kaet paid each trade eagerly. With little persuasion, Esma convinced Kaet to join her in a coven with a horrendous black hag named Alisch Vaera. Esma promised that the rewards for working alonside the giantess would outweigh the cost. Kaet agreed, and the trio concocted powerful spellwork, bending magic to their will, enchanting grisly trinkets of magnificent power, and delving into the eldritch secrets of worlds below and beyond.

A powerful seer in her own right, Esma was unable to forsee the tragedy ahead. After months of preparation and ritual, the coven's work culminated in a powerful relic, a Khyber Trap of considerable strength ensorcelled within an arcane matrix of a khyber shard. Alisch Vaera had promised her coven sisters that they would take the Khyber Trap and use it to remove a mighty rakshasa from its seat of power.

With the gemstone completed, Alisch Vaera turned on her coven. To save the young girl, Sora Esma activated the Khyber Trap, sealing away Harridan Kaet within an extradimensional maze within the dragonshard. The witch turned on the hag, and the duel between the two was calamitous. Esma proved victorious, and devoured the iron hag entirely. It was only afterwards did Esma learn that only Alisch knew the proper incantation to release a prisoner from the trap.

Sora Esma placed the nightshard on a bracelet, and has worn the jewel for more than two centuries, keeping it safe while she waits for the Draconic Prophecy to reveal to her individuals who might be powerful enough to travel to Dolurrh and pry the secrets of Kaet's prison from the dead annis hag…

Harridan Kaet

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