Furthest from home.

Mosh discovers tracks left by their quarry, and identifies the prints of a creature not unlike a bugbear, a wikkawak- a creature of winter and ice. The group isn't quite sure what the wikkawak has to do with the vampire they seek, but being the only trail they have they opt to follow the tracks deeper into the Chanthwood.

Using the rituals known to the Gatekeepers, Mosh attunes a dowsing rod of yew to point towards the nearest portal to other worlds, and so the group follows their course led by druid rite and muddy footprints…

Crunching under Raxys' boot, the goblin discovers a red oak leaf the size of a tower shield as Mosh and Alarin point out a gnarled oak before them with a strange natural opening. Mosh lets the group know that this is the portal to the Twilight Forest. As the heroes debate their next course of action, Korrazah boldy walks into the unknown. Alarin, Mosh, and Raxys have no choice but to follow suit.

Exiting the oak, they find themselves in a marvelous world- a primal world. As they exit, Mosh appears to stand taller like an orc half his age, invigorated by the abundant natural magics of the realm. Once through the doorway, to the dismay of the children of Khorvaire, they turn to find only a knothole in the titantic oak they now stand upon, a branch wider than most rivers. With the door shut behind them, they can only move forward. Raxys sees ahead some sort of dwelling, urging to the others to investigate, although Mosh and Alarin try to convince him it is some kind of nest.



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