Belluae: The Beast Within

Introduction- Belluae is an Eberron campaign utilizing material from the 3.5 campaign setting, updated to Pathfinder rules set.


In 998 YK, a group of unlikely cohorts were gathered from various walks of life and regions of the world, brought together under the employ of a blind minotaur named Maeve, proprietor of a gladiatorial arena in the budding nation of Droaam. These unwitting adventurers agreed to undertake a task for the minotauress on the condition of being returned from whence they came.

The events of their mission brought the surviving members of the party closer than any one of them suspected. Revealed to be working on behest of the rulers of Droaam, the party initially disbelieved their place to play in the Draconic Prophecy.

Now the band of adventurers strive to unravel a greater mystery and to fight back against an evil that is growing in power and influence.


House Rules:

Prophecy Shards





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